Jon Heinrich

As a recognised expert in the field of works constitutional law, I represent employees and works councils. My current clients include works councils of various medium-sized and bigger establishments of international, national and regional enterprises, e.g. DB Immobilien and Apple Berlin.

With long time experience in law firms in Berlin and Prague, I regularly represent my clients in labour court proceedings and conciliation committees. Supporting works councils in all kinds of out-of court negotiations is also one of my fields of expertise.

For employees, I provide support in all disputes with the employer, both out of court and in court.

I hold trainings and workshops for individual works councils as well as on behalf of various educational institutions, with a special focus on works constitutions, collective agreements and general labour law.


German, English


German Bar Association (DAV)

German Employment Lawyers Association (VdAA)

Working Group on Employment Law (Arbeitskreis Arbeitsrecht)

Educational Background

1992-1998Law Studies, Augsburg and Berlin, Germany
1998First State Exam, Berlin, Germany
2000Second State Exam, Berlin, Germany
2001Admitted to the German Bar
2004Certified as Specialist in Labour and Employment Law

Professional Background

2000Law firm, Prague, Czech Republic
2001-2002KPMG Treuhand & Gördeler, Berlin, Germany
2002-2004Beiten Burkhardt, Berlin, Germany
2004 - presentMAYR Employment Lawyers (Partner)