for Employers
MAYR provides multilingual legal advice to national and international companies in all areas of Labour and Employment Law. If your company operates in Germany, or employs German workers, MAYR can offer guidance about any relevant aspect of German law.
for Managers
MAYR represents executives in all areas of Labour and Employment Law, including the drafting of employment contracts or service contracts. We are well versed in corporate and commercial law matters, including the appointment – or removal – of authorised signatories, chief executives and members of the board of directors.
for Employees
Finding your way around an unfamiliar country’s legal system can be demanding, but MAYR specialises in guiding individuals through the complexities and intricacies of Germany Labour and Employment Law, whatever your needs.
for Works Councils
MAYR helps Works Councils exert influence upon employers’ staff policy and helps protect their rights to co-determination and worker participation. In collaboration with our clients, we negotiate, draft and enforce collective bargaining agreements for individual companies in a legally secure fashion.
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