Tuesday, 14.07.2020

The Federal Labor Court has decided in 2012 that statutory vacation entitlements expire 15 months after the end of the vacation year, if employees cannot take their vacation due to continued illness (BAG, judgement dated 7 August 2012 – 9 AZR 353/10). The ruling referred to a decision of the European Court of Justice from 2011 and was based on […]

Wednesday, 24.06.2020

As government restrictions due to the Corona pandemic are gradually being lifted, many companies have been able to return from short-time work to their regular business – and many employees are looking forward to a summer holiday. But how are holiday claims affected by a period of short-time work? Holiday claims during short-time work are treated in the same way […]

Tuesday, 17.03.2020

Information on short-time work and short-time allowance for employers and employees The corona virus has now virtually paralysed Germany and worse is to be expected. There will be restrictions in all industries, which will usually be associated with a loss of work or pay. In order to alleviate the economic burden this will cause, employers have the option of introducing […]