Mass Dismissals – The Notification to the Employment Agency

In economic emergencies or when restructuring is necessary, staff reductions are often unavoidable. In this case, not only the legal requirements for a dismissal for operational reasons according to the Dismissal Protection Act (§ 1 KSchG) of  must be considered – the necessity of a mass dismissal notice according tothe German Dismissal Protection Act  (§ 17 KSchG) must also be carefully reviewed. Surprising for many is the fact that a mass dismissal notice must already be filed if there are more than 5 dismissals.

It is advisable for every employer to file the notice with the utmost care. Errors in the mass dismissal notification will lead to the invalidity of all dismissals.

Below you will find useful information on what constitutes a mass dismissal, when and in what form the notification to the Employment Agency must be made and to what extent the works council must be involved. Furthermore, we inform you about the consequences of an incorrect mass dismissal notification.