Blocking period

If the employee has received a severance pay, compensation or similar benefit as a result of the termination of employment, and the employment relationship has been terminated without the employer’s normal period of notice, entitlement to unemployment benefit is suspended from the date of termination until the day on which this period would have expired. This does not reduce the entitlement, but only “postpones” it. The entitlement is suspended for a maximum of one year (§ 158 SGB III).

If the employee has acted in breach of insurance without good cause, the entitlement is suspended for the duration of a blocking period (§ 159 SGB III).

As a rule, the blocking period is twelve weeks. During the blocking period, the person concerned does not receive unemployment benefits. The blocking period shortens the duration of unemployment benefit. During the blocking period, the person is covered by health insurance but not by pension insurance.