Tuesday, 20.09.2022

The minimum wage also applies to foreign employers when they send workers to Germany for home care. Therefore, the minimum wage for work in Germany cannot be circumvented by agreeing in the employment contract to apply foreign law. Contracts are often used in home care, where particularly many skilled workers from Eastern Europe work below the minimum wage. Last year’s […]

Thursday, 30.06.2022

If the invalidity of a dismissal is established before the labour court following a claim against wrongful termination, the salary must in principle continue to be paid for the period after the expiry of the notice period. Thus, employees subsequent payment for periods during which they did not work because of the dismissal. In a recent decision, the Labour Court […]

Monday, 20.06.2022

Anyone who signs a termination agreement must also abide by it. This applies in principle even if strong psychological pressure is exerted by superiors to get the signature. Supervisors therefore have a lot of leeway when negotiating termination agreements, although there are of course limits. For this reason, it is often difficult for employees to withdraw from a signed termination […]

Thursday, 12.05.2022

A Regional Labour Court has ruled on a dispute between a logistics company and its works council over smoking breaks. The company provides logistics services in a seaport. Large quantities of timber and timber products are handled in this port. There have been recent fires in the wood processing companies around the port. The breaks of the employer’s employees are […]