Our Consulting Approach

MAYR’s lawyers are experts in every aspect of German Labour and Employment Law – as well as specialists within their individual fields of practice – and can act on behalf of individuals, companies and organisations associated with Germany. Our goal is to deliver exceptional and effective legal services not only to employers, executives and managers, but also to employees and works councils, both inside and outside Germany.

Given the complexity of legislation in each individual country, MAYR provides invaluable support to companies and employees based in Germany, or those with business in the country, whatever the size of their company. MAYR’s familiarity with the law from all perspectives gives our lawyers a much greater chance of helping you successfully resolve any dispute. This ultimately improves the quality of the deals we negotiate on your behalf, and keeps time accumulated and subsequent costs incurred to a minimum.

Free Legal Information And Materials

MAYR Employment Lawyers offers a wealth of free legal material and information about Labour and Employment Law, including templates, forms, checklists, legal texts, court decisions and labour law patterns. This free service is not intended to replace a consultation with your lawyer, but in many cases can provide helpful information about how to approach a problem.

> Englisch and German/Englisch Informations and Documents

> More Tools and Document – in german only


In addition, you can sign up for our free quarterly newsletter (currently only available in German) about all the latest developments and trends in Labour and Employment Law.

MAYR Employment Lawyers also arrange regular meetings and workshops for interested clients.