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Legal Advice for Managers and Executives

MAYR represents executives in all areas of Labour and Employment Law, including the drafting of employment contracts or service contracts. Whether you’re a native German or have moved to the country to work, finding your way around the country’s legal system can be demanding, and MAYR is well versed in corporate and commercial law matters, including the appointment – or removal – of authorised signatories, chief executives and members of the board of directors.

We are specialists in issues concerning the liabilities and responsibilities of executives and their corresponding special employment law status. We also have access to a network of well-trained lawyers with expertise in such matters as insurance and tax law.

Additionally, our newsletter will keep you up to date on all the latest developments in Labour and Employment Law, including recent court decisions and the implementation of new laws. We also arrange workshops to offer insight into the intricacies of this complex area of the law.

Litigation and Trial

MAYR represents executives, both German and international, in all proceedings at both the lower and higher labour courts in all German states as well as the Federal Labour Court. We also represent chief executives and members of the board of directors in legal disputes arising from service contracts at district courts and the Courts of Appeals.


MAYR represents executives in all proceedings involving dismissals for serious cause and dismissal for misconduct, operational or personal reasons.

Mutually agreed cancellation agreements are often a priority for senior employees, and we help clients in the preparation of their strategic approach and the achievement of their goals. We draft cancellation agreements and help clients to avoid disadvantageous social security circumstances and to optimise severance tax law. We also take care of all issues accompanying withdrawal from a partnership, as well as handling statements to the media.

As costs can accrue during the course of disputes, we are willing to enter into individual fee agreements, which may also include contingency fees.

Criminal Offenses

Working as a senior employee can increase one’s exposure to liability. Our thorough knowledge and experience of Labour and Employment Law is matched by our understanding of criminal law, and we are able to successfully represent clients charged with a criminal offence.


Legal fees are either specified by the Lawyer’s Compensation Act or based upon time invested, and will be determined by a fee agreement. Managers and executives may also request alternative fee arrangements for certain projects, including flat fees (per case) and modular fees (as a combination of pre-determined flat rates, success-based fees and fees related to time invested). Please contact us for further information.